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Kitty Nectar Bundle - 3 Pack

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🌟 Experience the ultimate pleasure with Kitty Nectar. A clear, plant & water based lube, specially formulated to mimic your vagina's natural juices. This long-lasting love potion will keep things slippery, wet, and oh-so-smooth for endless fun and pleasure. Say goodbye to friction and hello to a world of carefree intimacy!

🌊 Natural Feel: Its appearance and consistency mimic nature's own.

✌️ Versatile Use: Perfect alone, with a partner, or to add an exciting twist to playtime.

🤲 Skin-Friendly: Wondering if it's safe for all skin types? Absolutely, our formula is crafted with care for everyone.

🎁 Triple Pack: Preparedness meets luxury. One for every occasion.

🤝 Toy & Safety Friendly: Compatible with all toys and safe with condoms.

💧 Easy Clean: Concerned about cleanup? It can be easily washed off, leaving no residue.

🌸 pH Balanced: Gentle on sensitive tissue, preserving your natural moisture.


Main Ingredients: purified water, aloe vera, vegetable glycerin lactic acid, edible plant extract, preservatives.