Kitty Nectar - 3 Pack

Experience the ultimate pleasure with Kitty Nectar. A clear, plant & water based lube, specially formulated to mimic your vagina's natural juices.

Say goodbye to friction and hello to a world of carefree intimacy!

🌊 Natural Feel: Its appearance and consistency mimic nature's own.

✌️ Versatile Use: Perfect alone, or with a partner.

🤲 Skin-Friendly: Absolutely, our formula is crafted with care for everyone.

🎁 Triple Pack: Preparedness meets luxury. One for every occasion.

🤝 Toy & Safety Friendly: Compatible with all toys and safe with condoms.

💧 Easy Clean: It can be easily washed off, leaving no residue.

🌸 pH Balanced: Gentle on sensitive tissue, preserving your natural moisture.

Main Ingredients: purified water, aloe vera, vegetable glycerin lactic acid, edible plant extract, preservatives.


The Tease...

Whisper Soft:

Say goodbye to rough rides; hello, velvet slides.

All Night Long:

Marathon lovers, rejoice. No reapplication interruptions.

Barely There:

Feel nothing but each other; our formula's that light.

The Sizzle....

Heat Things Up

Sensitive skin? Our lube loves you back.

Play More

Toy friendly for solo or duo adventures.

Discreet Charm

Packaging that whispers, not shouts, intimacy.

The Passion...

Non-Stop Pleasure

Lasts as long as you do, and then some.

Skin-Safe Haven

Dermatologist-loved, allergy-tested. Only the best for you.

Nature's Echo

Plant-based ingredients for a guilt-free glide.

The Touch...

pH Perfect

Maintains your natural balance for worry-free warmth.

Glide 'n' Clean

No sticky aftermath, just smooth sailing.

Featherlight Feeling

Our no-residue formula means you won't miss the foreplay.

The End...

Soft Finish

When the fun's done, it's just softness left.

Easy Clean

Cleaning up is quick, so you can relax.

Your Turn

Try Kitty Nectar — You're gonna love it.

“10 our of 10 for me!! This is a hidden gem must have for bedroom fun!”

Victoria - Verified Buyer