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Clean Kitty Suppositories - 3pk

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🌸 Elevate your confidence and safety with our three-pack of single-ingredient boric acid suppositories. Triple the care, triple the assurance.

🌿 Pure Formula: Just boric acid, ensuring consistent quality across all packs.

🚫 Free of Additives: No fragrances, essential oils, or harmful extras. Pure care, every time.

🌡️ pH Balance: Each pack helps maintain a harmonious environment, giving you extended care.

🌼 Fight BV & Yeast: Stay fresh and support healthy vaginal flora longer.

📦 Triple Pack: 180 capsules in total, ensuring you're always prepared.

⚠️ Important: DO NOT TAKE ORALLY. INSERT VAGINALLY. Avoid contact with eyes, nose, and mouth.

With our three-pack suppositories, it's not just about holistic care; it's about ensuring you're equipped for the long run. 🌟

Ingredients: 600mg of pure boric acid powder per vegan capsule.